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Preventing The “Saved Over” Blues

Preventing The “Saved Over” Blues

Do you have an Excel file that you constantly change data in and then have to remember to save it under a new name?

Have you ever caught yourself yelling at the computer “STOP!” as you realize that you just saved over the old data—and darn—you needed to keep that too!

While you’re still muttering at the computer, do you then go back and try to re-create the file you just lost, or… do you simply ignore the “oops” and hope it’s never needed again?

Is there a better solution? (We all hope so since the yelling thing isn’t working out.)

I have one word for you—template.

A template in Excel is a workbook you create and then use as the basis for other similar workbooks.

In other words, you create a workbook that has all the elements you need—labels, formulas, etc.—but none of the changing data.

Then you save the file as a template.

Now, when you need to enter new data you simply open the template, enter your data and save.

The catch is that when you go to save you’ll save it as a workbook (not a template) so there’s no more accidentally overwriting data.

Every time you open the template it will be fresh and new.