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Preview Your Attachments Too?

Preview Your Attachments Too?

If you use MS Outlook 2007’s reading pane, you may not be aware, but you have some extra viewing power when it comes to attachments.

Within the reading pane, you can choose to view your attachment in a read-only format, allowing you to decide if you need to open it, save it or do something else with it.

Obviously, we need to discuss that you still shouldn’t preview attachments from unknown sources. But I know I tend to send stuff back and forth to myself between work and home. As you can imagine, I trust myself, so previewing what I have can save some time when it comes to poorly named files (my fault, I know). With that little trick, I can verify that I have the one I really want before I waste time starting up a program and opening the file.

So, if you have attachments you’d like to preview, here’s what you need to know.

When you display an e-mail in the reading pane, you’ll notice that the attachment is listed in the header.

If you click once on the attachment name, Outlook will warn you about opening files from unknown sources.

Click Preview File and you’ll find that the message is replaced by a preview of the attachment.

When you’re done, click on the Message button in the header, found to the left of the attachment name.

That’s it. Preview before you open, but only if you’re sure about the source!

~ April