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I don’t know how college students, professors, or even business people can keep making Power Point presentations. I am so sick of them. Personally, I find that they tend to drag a speaker down because people default and just read the text that they’ve put on them. Last semester, I boycotted using Power Point altogether during three different group projects. Instead, we used the Smart board – and our projects were more interactive and classroom participation went up on the topics we were presenting. But I still had to sit through thirty-six boring Power Point presentations where students merely read what they put on their slides.

I heard today from a co-worker that the new version of Power Point can do a whole lot more, but I won’t have access to that version until the fall. In the meantime, I’ve been looking for something better. A grad student took me aside a few weeks ago and asked if I could spare a moment to look at her Capstone presentation. I said yes, but all I could think of was something along the lines of “Oh, no! Not Power Point!” I was surprised when she showed me her presentation and it was not a set of Power Point slides, instead it was setup through Prezi. I fell in love with this presentation platform as she walked me through her presentation.

What is Prezi? It is a free presentation platform that will take your presentations from blah and boring to exciting and interesting! I suggest watching the video on the main page first. It will walk you through exactly what Prezi is and demonstrate how it works. I was also thrilled to find out that Prezi is extremely user-friendly.

Navigation is easy! There are three tabs along the top of the page:

Your Prezis – once you sign up and decide to start making your own Prezi presentation, you’ll start here. Notice the tutorial, I’d suggest that you take it so that you learn how to make a Prezi quickly and easily. It is very user-friendly, and I think extremely intuitively designed. Then you’re ready to start making your presentations!

Learn – here you can learn how to get the most out of Prezi. There is a Getting Started category, where you can further your knowledge of the basics of using Prezi. Then you can check out the stuff under Go to the Next Level to pick up more advanced Prezi skills. Beneath each section you’ll find cheat sheets of the most important tips so that you can just get the tips and get back to designing.

Explore – in this section you can explore Prezis that other people have made and really get a feel for how versatile this tool is. Just click on the Prezi you’d like to explore and use the arrows to navigate through the presentation.

I can’t wait to use Prezi this fall to really jazz up my presentations and group work!

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