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Looking to make a major impression next time you have to give a presentation? Maybe it’s time you turn away from bulleted slides and embrace the future – a free flowing presentation. Prezi is an online, intuitive service designed to help you do just that. If you’re interested, let’s check it out!

For you to get a full feel for how Prezi works, I’d like you to check out a sample presentation right here [1].


Using the arrow at the bottom of the screen, you can see Prezi is a dynamic connection of ideas. Text and images can be zoomed in to focus on details, or zoomed out to get the full picture! Much more eye-popping than PowerPoint, right?

To get started making your own Prezi, click Sign Up in the upper right hand corner.

Scroll down and select the Free option, which has all the functionality we’ll need.


Enter in your basic information and set up and email and password. Then select Register and Continue.

Next a welcome screen will appear. Since, I’ll be giving you the full run-down of Prezi, just select Start using Prezi now.


Click New Prezi, and you’ll be prompted to name your new presentation.


Enter the title and a short description for your Prezi. Once again select New prezi and you’re in!


As I mentioned, Prezi is easy to use. The first instruction is Click anywhere and add an idea. You can add text or images using the menu in the top lefthand corner.


Want to add a little flair? Choose Colors and Fonts and utilize Prezi’s themes or theme wizard.


As you may have noticed in the example presentation I linked above, the transitions from element to element in Prezi is key so that the zoom and focus is correct. To add transitions, click Path, then Add.


Just point and click on the elements in the order you’d like and it’s that easy!

Prezi is so interactive that you can embed a YouTube video with ease. Click Insert in the menu, and select YouTube. Just enter a URL and presto!


The final step of creating a presentation is sharing it. Prezi lets you share a link or even embed into your own website, if you’d like.


The overview I have given you today has truly been the tip of the iceberg of Prezi’s potential. Try it out, check out some more samples in their library, and let us know if you have any comments or questions below!

~ Jay Neil Patel