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Print Double Sided

How do I print double sided?

The short answer: flip your paper over.

Now for a long answer…

Load only one sheet of paper into your printer.

Pay attention to how the paper feeds through (which side did it print to?)

After the first page prints, you may get a message telling you that the paper tray is empty. Put the page back in the tray with the blank side of the page turned to where the next page will print onto it. You may need to click a “resume printing” button to continue printing or it may start up when it senses that paper is in.

And here’s a longer answer: print the odd number pages first, then the even number pages on the back. This requires a bit more skill but once learned is pretty easy.

From your Print interface, select Pages and enter the odd pages separated by commas, for example… 1,3,5,7…

You also might have a drop down box, where you can select Odd Pages only.

After printing the first side, you may need to change the order depending on how the paper feeds.

For the back side, enter the even numbers into the Pages area (2,4,6,8…) or choose Even pages only from the print drop down box.

Don’t worry if you mess up the first time-once you figure it out, you’ll be printing on both sides like a pro.