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Print Folder Contents

Milford asks:

I am alphabetizing my music and would like to print a list of all the files in my music folder. It would be such a hassle to type each one into a document. Can I quickly print the names of all the files in that folder?

Thanks for the question Milford. This is one we get asked all the time. There are programs out there that you can get, in fact we reviewed one called PrintFolders last year…

But you can also make a printable list of a folder’s contents without needing third-party software. Here’s how:

First you need to open the folder, right-click a blank area in it and select “Properties”. Next to where it says “Location” you’ll find the path of the file. You could write this down or move the window to the bottom of your screen.


Next you need to get a command prompt. Go to Start/Run and type in “cmd” (without the quotes).

The prompt will most likely be the same as the beginning of your folder path. Move the command window up to the top of your screen so you can see both the command window and the properties window for your folder.

Next to the C prompt type in “cd” (space) followed by the location. For example…

C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner>cd Desktop\WORK\Cartoons


At the next prompt type in “dir” (space) /B (space) > (space) list.txt. For example…

C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\Desktop\WORK\Cartoons>dir /B > list.txt



Type “Exit” to close out the command window.

Now, look in the folder and you’ll see a file called “list.txt”—this is your list of folder contents. Open it up and print it out.

~ David