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Print Heads

Print Heads

Ever since I ran the tip on cleaning your printer’s print heads (read it here) in the newsletter, I have been getting e-mail after e-mail about where the print heads are actually located in your printer. It seems as if a lot of you are still a little confused about that. So, I will try my best to clear that up for you today. Here we go!

First, let me give you a brief definition of a print head. A print head is the device within the printer that actually sprays the droplets of ink onto the paper you’re printing with. If it weren’t for the print heads, you would always end up with a blank piece of paper! A lot of the newer printers these days use cartridges that already have the print heads attached to them. To see a print head, take your ink cartridge out, flip it over and look for a type of metal bar. That area is the print head. Wow, who knew it could be so easy to find?!

On the other hand, some older printers will have separate print heads. If that’s the case, they are located right next to where the ink cartridges snap into place. They really only can be in one spot, so give that area a good look over. If you’re still not sure where your print heads are after taking a look, you should be able to find some more information about them in your printer’s manual. Either way, I hope you have found your print heads and you can start cleaning them today. Oh yeah!

~ Erin