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Print My Fonts – Print/Preview Installed Fonts

Ever wanted to add a bit of flavor to a document? Make text in a photo or video stand out? Make a headline in a presentation really pop? Well, the vast array of fonts in your computer (or if you’ve bought font packs) can help do that.

So why is it that everyone keeps using the same few fonts over and over? Simple: No one knows what all the fonts look like. Sure, you could change the font to a random font in the list to try it, or look at the tiny preview and try to guess if that’s what you’re looking for, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could just get a printout of every font with a line of text you choose as an example?

Well thank you Stefan Trost from STT Media for making the freeware program: Print My Fonts.

Just like the name implies, this software allows you to print your font list out using an example line of text. The software also can export this list of fonts as a JPEG image or a PDF document. The download is free, and once you unzip the file and double click PrintMyFonts.exe you’ll be presented with a list of your system installed fonts and a preview of each font if you click on it. You can then select in the lower right hand corner Printer or other Output Format (default is printer), then click export to print or export the document.

If you click on Tool then Advanced Settings you can select the layout, spacers, what information to display and even the size of the example font.

So what does the output look like? Well I can’t send you a sample page from my printer, but to download the JPEG I outputted of my system fonts click here [1]. Be warned, it’s a REALLY long document as it contains 597 font examples.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what fonts you have, get printed examples to see what they look like printed, and have a reference book to be able to quickly scan through fonts, I highly recommend downloading this application.

You can download Print My Fonts by clicking here [2].