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Print Test Page

Print Test Page

I’ve gotten several e-mails just in the past few days from you all wanting to know how to print a test page. Well, I have to be honest with you for a second. I wasn’t really sure how you did this either and while I was researching it, it just about bit me on the nose and I still almost missed it. Good thing I was able to find the answer though, so here it is!

It’s quite simple. Go to Start, Control Panel, Printers and Other Hardware and choose Printers and Faxes. Once there, you will see all of the printers you have installed on your computer. You more than likely will only have one or two, but click on the one you want to test so it is highlighted. Then right click and choose Properties.

The Properties box for your printer will then pop up. Under the General tab, look toward the bottom of the box and you’ll see a Print Test Page button. Click on that and your printer will automatically print a page out for you. Don’t forget to turn your printer on before you start this though or obviously, nothing will happen.

That was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Now you can test your printer whenever you feel the need. Note: Do keep in mind that all printers are different, but every printer should have this feature offered within its program. If you have trouble finding it, refer to your printer’s manual.

~ Erin