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Print Your XP Folders

Since showing you all how to stay more organized by using the Notepad program, it seems that some of you are interested in learning some more tricks you can do with Notepad. So, that’s what I’m here for today! Let’s learn some more!

You all probably know how to print a document in XP, but what about a folder? Have you ever had the need to print a whole folder? Well, if we have a folder containing 10 word documents, we will select each and every document and print it. But, what if the folder contains 100 documents? You can only guess how much time that would take. Do you have that much time? I surely don’t!

So, if you had the option to select a folder and print the whole thing all at once, wouldn’t you take up the offer? How nice would that be?!

Well, it’s possible, so here we go!

Though Windows XP does not have the option of selecting a folder and printing it, we can make our own by writing a small batch file and placing it in the right location.

How do you do that?

First, open Notepad (Start, All Programs, Accessories, Notepad) and type the following contents carefully and in order, each on a separate line.

@echo off

Now, save that as Printdir.bat and store it in the location of C:\Windows\ (get here by double clicking the My Computer icon on your desktop, select the C: drive and find the Windows folder).

Note: You can give any name to the file, but it should have the .bat extension.

You now have successfully created a batch file and saved it! Now, let’s see how we are going to bring up the option to print the folder by using this.

1.) Double click and open the My Computer icon from your desktop.

2.) From the Tools menu, select Folder Options.

3.) Click on the File Types tab, which is on top of the screen.

4.) Under “Registered File Types,” you will find a File Type called Folder.

5.) Select that and click on Advanced.

6.) The Edit File Type box will open, where you will see a button called New. Click on it.

7.) The New Action dialogue box will open.

8.) Under the Action option, type Print Directory.

9.) Under the “Application used to perform action” option, select C:\Windows\Printdir.bat (the path where your Notepad file is located) with the help of the Browse button.

10.) Click on OK to close the dialogue boxes.

Now, right click on any folder and you will find the Print Directory option, where all the files in that folder will be printed, if you select them.

There you have it! So, from now on, you can print any number of documents that reside in a folder, without wasting any of your time!

~ M. Nagarajan