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Printed on Every Envelope

Printed on Every Envelope

Do you print custom envelopes from MS Word?

Do you have a custom logo, picture or return address set up that you really wish would just show up every time you print an envelope?

That sure would be nice. I mean, no messing with templates, copy/pastes or other methods you may dream up to get your envelopes to your liking.

Well, I have good news. That “dream come true” is easier to achieve than you may think!

The first step is to create your envelope in a Word document.

For everyone, once you’re in the Envelopes and Labels dialogue window, under the Envelopes tab, click on the Add to Document button.

A blank envelope will then appear above your document.

Now, it’s time to design! Put in your logo, return address, formatting or whatever you want to be on every envelope you print.

With the design complete, you’ll need to select the pictures and/or text you want to appear on your envelopes.

With everything still selected, hit Alt + F3.

In the AutoText or Quick Parts dialogue window that opens (depends on your version of Word), name it EnvelopeExtra1 and then click OK.

That’s it! The next time you print an envelope from Word, your graphics and text will automatically appear where you originally placed them.

Also, for those of you concerned about the few times you’ll want something different, if you have the envelope added to your document, you’ll find that it can be edited as usual.

A customized look without a lot of time invested. You have to love it!

~ April