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Printing Background Images

Printing Background Images

When you send an e-mail, do you sometimes include stationery or other background images along with it? You know, just to give it a little extra jazz. Or maybe you receive e-mails like that. Either way, isn’t it sometimes tempting to print those e-mails out and save them for a later use? But when you do that, the images don’t print! What do you do then? Well, allow me to give you one easy and quick option.

If you use Outlook Express, you’re getting the print settings that are in place for Internet Explorer as well. And by default, IE is not set up to print background images. This is done because most images take up a lot of extra ink, but if you want to do it, no one should be able to stop you. Lucky for all of us, there is a way to change this setting so you can print the background images as you wish! Here’s how.

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab. Find the Printing section and then checkmark the choice that says “Print background images and colors.” Click OK when you’re done. Now, go back and print the e-mail you want just like you normally would (File, Print or Ctrl + P). When the job is done, you’ll have the e-mail fully intact and you can save it for another time. Or, if it’s pretty enough, hang it on the refrigerator. That way, you can look at it every day. Yay!

~ Erin