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Privacy Fix – Manage Your Online Privacy

I think it is very important as Internet users that we take responsibility for our privacy. How many times have you scrolled through the terms and conditions or privacy policy on a website, service, or application without paying attention? I know I have. Now with social media entangled in just about every aspect of many of our lives, we have to also be responsible for what we share over social media networks and who can see it. 

How often has it come up that someone lost his or her job because of something they posted publicly on Facebook, Google +, or Twitter? How often do people working in human resources do a simple Google search for information on the candidate they may hire? More often than you think. In fact, many colleges are checking applicants out online during the application process for admission. It’s time to put control back in your hands and manage your privacy.  

I’m going to start you out on the FAQ for Privacy Fix because it will answer any of your immediate questions, explain what the service is about, and how to use it.  Privacy Fix helps you manage your privacy on social networking sites like Facebook and Google +.  Once you’ve checked out the FAQ, head on over to the main page, here [1]. There you can download and install the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. With Internet Explorer it looks like you just select the things you want to block directly from the main page. 

Now you have the power to control what people see about you with Privacy Fix, so check it out today!

https://www.privacyfix.com/start/learn [2]