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Private Browsing

I got a request for this tip from a reader who’s just starting their holiday shopping. We like to do a lot of our shopping on the Internet, but did you ever suspect someone going into your browsing history to sneak a peek at the sites you’ve gone to? What a way to ruin a surprise, right?

Here’s what you can do to thwart these sneaky spies of holiday gift giving.

In Internet Explorer 8:


It’s called “InPrivate Browsing” and what it does is keep all of your history in one private session that is deleted directly after you’re done. Just press Ctrl+Shift+P and then shop, browse and scheme all you want! When you’re done, your tracks are covered!

In Firefox 3.5:

The same key combination (Ctrl+Shift+P) works exactly the same in Firefox 3.5, too! The added cool part about Firefox’s private method is that when you’re done all the tabs you had open when you went private are restored!

There you go! Two similar methods for Internet anonymity for two different browsers! Cloak and Dagger lives on via the Internet!