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Have you ever wondered who creates the computer programs and other software you use on a daily basis? Especially if it’s a program you really enjoy using? Don’t you just wish you knew who made such a great piece of software? Well, I can’t give out any names, but I can tell you that those people are called computer programmers. Here’s a little about them.

Programmers, also referred to as software developers, are the ones who write all of the computer software that comes out on the market each and every day. They are the masterminds who write the code for many different kinds of software. Computer programmers go to their daily jobs and they design computer software and they are all professionals and specialists in what they do.

Along with programmers, there are other people who take care of other aspects of the software. For example, there’s a programmer analyst, software engineer, computer scientist and software analyst. The first programmer known in history is Ada Lovelace. She was the first to bring up the thought of an algorithm in 1842. Pretty cool, huh?!

~ Erin