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Progress Bar

Progress Bar

Here’s the scenario: You just typed in the address of your favorite Web site and you’ve hit the button that will start the loading process. You then wait patiently in anticipation for the site to come up so you can start using it. Now, while you’re waiting, what do you usually look at to see how much of the site has been loaded? Perhaps you look at the little blue bar at the bottom of your Web browser to check on its progress. Am I right? Well, if you do, you’re doing the right thing. You probably look at it everyday, but do you know what it’s called or what it’s there for? Keep reading for the full scoop!

That little bar is called the “progress bar.” (I know, a real original name, huh?!) But it’s that bar that tells you everything you need to know about getting your favorite Web sites up and running. In case you’re not sure what it looks like, here’s a picture of one: . The bar will usually be a solid blue color, but depending on the browser you use, yours may be a green dotted line instead.

You can turn to the progress bar to see how far a site has loaded or to see how much longer it has to go. The progress bar also comes in handy when there seems to be a problem with a Web site opening up all the way. If the bar seems to be stuck, you can close down your browser and try it again. Now, the term “progress bar” is also used for any downloads or file transfers you may do on your computer. It really does serve so many purposes. And now you know all there is to know about it!

~ Erin