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Project Flow

Up until I found Project Flow I was using the Windows Sticky Notes function to try and keep track of what I had done, needed to do, how much everything costs, and when money is due. Works great, just not when it’s spread out between the desktop and the laptop. 

With Project Flow I can do practically the same thing, but it’s all in one place; easily accessible from home, school, or my laptop. So how does it work? Well I’d suggest you start off by scrolling down to the See Sample Boards in Action section and pick a project to look at. This will give you an idea of the functionality you can expect from Project Flow for your own projects. After you’ve played with the sample projects and have decided to create your own, you’ll need to register for an account. 

To register, click the green Create A Free Account button. This will whisk you away to the registration form where you’ll need to provide a working e-mail address, and then create a username and password. You’ll be automatically logged in, and can start organizing your project right away, but I’d suggest you go watch this how to video [1] first. It was very helpful for getting started quickly and smoothly. 

What I love is that it really lets me plan each phase of my mission to get into a good graduate school. Phase 1 for me is reasearch, phase 2 is selecting the writing samples I’ll be using, phase 3 is writing the statements I need to and asking for letters of recommendation, phase 4 will be turning everything in on time.  

This has a real practicality for keeping small business organized, too, so I will probably also use it when I start selling knit items and patterns on Etsy. I’ll easily be able to keep track of my tasks, any custom work I have to complete, and stay up to date with my goals. 

Project Flow is an amazing site that will add to your productivity by keeping you organized and on task! Check it out today!

https://www.projectflowapp.com/ [2]