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Project You

Brought to you by Monster, Project You allows you to discover and explore 35 facets of you by working through modules that help uncover your hidden assets and weak spots. I originally stumbled across this site while looking for career assessment tools for my sister, who is unhappy in her job and wanted help to figure out what she might be better suited for. 

To register you can either sign up with Facebook or create an account by filling out a form. I chose to F-connect with Facebook.

Next,  you start answering the modules on the page. This took me roughly ten minutes to complete, and half way through they give you the opportunity to look at your progress. I chose to finish the questions first, so I could look at the whole picture at the end. 

When you’ve finished, you’ll be greeted with a pie chart, if you mouse over the colored dots around it you’ll see how you averaged and how you compare to other people who have completed the survey. 

Beneath the pie chart you’ll find more specific results divided into three tabs: 

Facets to Improve – here you’ll see the points that you can improve upon. I wasn’t surprised at the kinds of things that came up for me. I can totally stand to exercise more (I spend a lot of time in front of a computer between work and school), save more money, and be myself more often. I tend to be a people-pleaser and put myself last. 

Your Best Facets – this tab highlights all the things you’re doing well. I wasn’t surprised to see my creativity praised, but I was very surprised to see how well I scored for negotiation. 

All Facets – this tabs shows both of the previous sections at once, and you can filter them by different categories. The categories are Think Better, Live Better, Relate Better, Earn Better, Work Better, and Feel Better. 

You’ll notice as you scroll through your results that some have dark purple links to more information like avoiding distractions or the very funny Wake Up Call video. And of course there are links to get you started looking for a new job on the Monster job search platform. 

Overall, I think this is a great way to do a personal check of where you’re at now in your life that allows you to celebrate what you are doing well, get out of any rut you are currently in, and improve upon the things that need work. Check it out for yourself today!

http://projectyou.monster.com/ [1]