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Protect Individual Cells from Being Edited in Excel 2007

Riani from South Africa writes:

Is there a way to protect only some information on a Microsoft Excell worksheet? I dont want to protect the sheet or book, because I still need info from them that needs to be typed in – just some formulas.

Once you have your excel worksheet created, select all the cells in the worksheet by left clicking the arrow next to Column A & on top of Row 1 and then right click and go to Format Cells. Go to the protection tab and left click the box next to “Locked” so there is no checkmark.

Step 1

step 2

Next, highlight the cells you wish to protect and right click on them and click on format cells. Click on protection tab again and then left click on the box next to Locked so that there is a checkmark in the box.

Step 3

step 4

Now, go to the Review Panel and click “protect sheet” and enter a password. ¬†Click OK and enter the password again. Click OK again.

step 5


You can edit all the cells, except the ones you protected.

Step 6