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Protopage [1]

protopage_1 [2]

It’s been a while since I’ve found one of these make your own start page web sites that I’ve liked. But I found myself charmed by this one, so I thought I’d share it with you.

You’ll have to register to save your settings and to keep your customization, so I’d recommend that you take a good look at the page and see if it looks like something you’ll use. If you decide it is, just get started by registering.

Registration is easy, click the CLICK HERE spot to register and fill out the form. You’ll get to name your page, set whether your page is public or private, create a password, etc. Then they’ll send an activation link to your e-mail, go click that and you can start editing and saving your page.

Colors/Settings – this option allows you to edit the background. You can select whether there is a wallpaper, a pattern, or just a color for your background. You can even use your own wallpaper if it is hosted somewhere online.

protopage_2 [3]

You can click the X button on any of the widgets to get them off your page, and you can add them by clicking Widgets at the top of the page. There are the standard weather, daily quotations, and news to select from, as well as some of the more popular pages around the web.

Check this one out today!

http://www.protopage.com/ [1]