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Pulse – Get The News That Interests You

Pulse bills itself as “Your news. Anywhere.” That’s a pretty good description of this nifty free app (and website, for those without a tablet or smartphone) that lets you set up a customized news feed of the information that interests you.



 If you aren’t familiar with these types of programs, it’s like building your own newspaper or magazine that features the topics that interest you.  I am particularly interested in food and technology news, so my feed features those topics prominently. Choices for feeds include News, Technology Sports, Business, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Gaming, Inspiration, Art & Design, Food and Fun & Humor (you can get your daily dose of comics there!)



 If you’re a news junkie, you have the option to choose from a large selection of  news organizations, websites and blogs. If you follow politics you’ll have the option to follow columns and news from sites and groups that run the gamut from ultra-Liberal to very Conservative to everything in between.



 As a foodie, I really enjoy the many feeds from everything from Food Network to Taste of Home to food blogs.



 From the Sports section you can choose Football, Basketball, Baseball, MMA & Boxing, Soccer, Hockey Tennis & Golf or select More Sports which brings up cycling, fishing, NASCAR, Skiing and more. But unlike a traditional sports page where you’re stuck with scores and results for events you don’t care about, you can customize this to you needs. Only care about fishing, Formula 1 and baseball? Those are the only things you have to bother with.



 Just because a source isn’t listed under a topic, doesn’t mean you can’t get a feed from it.  Use the search bar to look for a topic.  I was able to find feeds for something as specific as Human Resource Management. Not of interest to everyone, but if that’s your field, you’d be able to get the latest news on your industry.





It’s also a way to group your favorite websites together in one place where you can easily navigate back. I like grouping my favorite web pages together into one place.


   I created my own front page that reflects my interest in American Idol, economics, computers, comic books and food.  Yours could just as easily feature fly fishing, politics, woodworking and the Cleveland Browns.



 Navigation is easy – with large boxes featuring pictures captioned with clear, readable text. I’ve used it on a computer, tablet and phone and found it extremely user-friendly. I think it works especially with touchscreen devices and may be one of the few programs I’ve found that actually seems to fit right into Windows 8. Don’t worry, it works just fine with your mouse in a browser on your computer.



The end of the popular Google Reader service has a lot people looking for a new source for their news feeds. I think Pulse is a worth a try.

Pulse is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook or by going to their website www.pulse.m [1]e [1].  I’ve tested it out on Android, Kindle Fire, Surface Pro and Windows 7.

 ~ Cynthia