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Punchfork is similar to Food Gawker, but linked into your favorite social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. This makes it easy to share your favorite new recipes from all around the web with your friends and family. 

Navigation is easy – just scroll down the page and gaze longingly at all the tempting food photos. When one catches your eye that you think you just have to try or save (and this might be a lot of the recipes here), click on it to be whisked away to the ingredient page . If you want the recipe, click the link to the blog or website where the delightful treat was discovered on the web.

You’ll also find all the options for sharing the recipe over a social network, as well as via e-mail or direct link. You can also see how many times the recipe has been shared socially across the multiple networks and what its total rating is on a 1-100 point scale. 

Check out the Help [1] page to access the FAQ and get tips for searching the site for specific items. There are a lot of awesome ways to search! You can exclude items (cookies without nuts), search by dietary preference (gluten free, vegan), and even by list of ingredients. You can learn more about how to specifically use the site on the About [2] page as well. 

You can do everything I mentioned without registering for the site, but in order to save your likes and favorite recipes, you’ll need an account. Click Sign In at the top and then select a method of logging in. You can connect with your favorite social networking site (you know I F-Connected), or go the traditional route and provide an e-mail address and create a password, then click the Sign Up button.

Once you’re logged in, you can click the Like button on any recipe and it will be saved in your profile. You can find that at the top right of the page (where the sign in button was originally) mouse over it and select Likes to see everything you’ve liked! 

This is an amazing recipe site. Not only should you check it out today, but make sure to bookmark it too! 

http://punchfork.com/ [3]