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Punctuation Made Simple

There are a lot of writers out there who fear or despise grammar. I myself am one of them. To me it seems overly complex. I probably couldn’t diagram a sentence to save my life. But now I no longer need to fear incorrectly using punctuation because this site makes it, well, simple.

At Punctuation Made Simple you can learn the correct way to use a colon, semicolon, comma, dash, or even an apostrophe. The site is broken down into a section for each one of these delightful punctuators.

Best of all not only do they explain why they are used in the correct fashion, but they give you multiple excellent examples of how they are used correctly in a sentence. I wish I had this site before a few of the grammar tests I’ve taken in my life. It would have made studying a breeze!

http://lilt.ilstu.edu/golson/punctuation/ [1]