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Quartz is a very interesting news outlet that has a focus on bringing journalism from all over the globe that is creative and intelligent, and serving it up for devices like tablets and mobile phones (as well as on the web). 

I’m bringing it to you because I often find news outlets boring and that they don’t capture my attention. There is something about the combination of what Quartz offers up as news stories and the layout that keeps me engaged, so I wanted to share it with all of you. I’ve also used it on my smartphone and my roommate’s tablet and found that it was easy to navigate on both devices. 

When you get to the site you’ll be greeted by the Top News feed (articles on the left, main content displayed larger in the center). Along the top of the page is a black menu band where on the right you’ll find an option to search, follow Quartz on Twitter or Facebook, or open up the menu. On the Menu you’ll find the About page, the DailyBrief sign up, and login/registration options. I’d recommend checking out the About [1] page where you’ll find the Welcome section, Meet the Staff and more!

The super nice thing about navigating the site is that you don’t have to interact with any of the side menus if you don’t want to you. You can just scroll down to the content you want. The side menus really just provide a quick jump to that particular menu item. Maybe that is what makes it so appealing, I can just scroll through and read what I want and scroll past what I don’t! 

Either way Quartz is an awesome news outlet, go check it out today!

http://qz.com/ [2]