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Quick Access Done Your Way

Quick Access Done Your Way

Working in MS Office 2007?

If so, do you like that really tiny toolbar they give you, located above (or below) your ribbons? You know, the Quick Access Toolbar?

I’m sure you’ve noticed the down arrow on the right side that gives you access to a list of common commands you can have placed on the toolbar, right?

Well, what about some of the other features in the ribbons you frequently use? Any way to add them?

Well, you could choose More Commands and work through that, but what if you’re still not finding the things you really want to add? You know, things that would save you a lot of “ribbon jumping” time if they were displayed on the toolbar all together.

If that’s your wish, I have a suggestion for you. Simply try a right click.

The next time you find yourself wishing you could add a button to the Quick Access Toolbar, just try right clicking over it.

When the right click menu opens, you may very well find that you can add it to the toolbar.

Voila. The Quick Access Toolbar put together in your very own way!

~ April