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Quick Access to Folders in Outlook

Quick Access to Folders in Outlook

Do you like to keep your MS Outlook window neat, tidy and simple? Are you one who doesn’t like a lot of extra panes open, allowing you the maximum space to work? But yet, are you constantly looking to move between folders? If so, it seems that, for the sake of efficiency, you’ll need to leave either the Outlook Bar or the Folders List displayed.

Or, maybe not.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Outlook displays the name of the folder you’re currently working with at the top of the pane, but have you ever noticed the down arrow to the right of the name?

That down arrow indicates that there’s more to see. Did you know that if you click that name, a list of folders will drop down for quick access?

Simply move your mouse pointer down the list and select the folder you want displayed next.

If you decide you want the folder list open all the time, you can either use the View menu or the little push pin button found at the top of the drop down list to do so.

With the list so easy to find, maybe you can now maximize your work space, without sacrificing efficiency. Yes!

~ April