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Quick Answers to Reader Questions

Here are some quick answers to some of the questions that we have received.

Terry from PA asks:

I have Windows Vista 64bit and since I got it a year ago, I constantly get an update that always fails to update with Code 66A. The update involves .NET Framework 1.1SP1 Security Update for Windows Vista.

The first thing to do is to find out what the error means. Open your Windows Update panel (Start>Control Panel>Windows Update) and then click on View Update History. Double-click on the failed error, and the following screen will open:


Click on Get Help With This Error and Windows help will open, and should give you the answer. For instance, the error listed in my example means that it’s trying to update a device that’s not connected to the computer. If that doesn’t help, google the update number (not the error number) with the words “manual update” and that should take you to the correct Microsoft support page to manually download the update.


B. J. From Blue Hills, Maine asks:

I have been having this problem for a year and it’s making me crazy! When I view certain pages in Internet Explorer, the page opens and it goes right to the bottom of the page, forcing me to scroll all the way back to the top! Can you tell me why it does this? Can it be fixed?

This is, more than likely, a problem with your mouse. Specifically, gunk in your scroll wheel. (Gunk, of course, is a technical phrase). You can try blowing this out with canned air (use the straw attachment). If this doesn’t help, try hooking up a different mouse. A new one, if possible. That way you eliminate any possible problems with the mouse. That should fix your problem. If not, then make sure that all of your Windows Updates and IE Updates are in place. Finally, you can try running a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome.


Valerie from Winter Park, FL asks:

When I deleted some files from my backup external hard drive they also disappeared off my main hard drive. Why? Is there any way to get them back?

Provided that you haven’t emptied your recycle bin, the files should still be there. Right-click on your recycle bin and click Explore. This will bring up a list of the files and programs in your bin.


Find the file, right-click on it and click Restore. That should fix your problem.


Judy from AR asks:

What is an .event file and how does it reproduce itself in my pictures and music files? How can I get rid of it?

Event files are typically connected with Corel software, such as CorelDraw. Whenever you use Corel software it creates an Event file so that the software can track changes. Since these usually take up little or no hard drive space, I wouldn’t worry about removing them.

Hope that these help.

~Randal Schaffer