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Quick Data on the Selected Data Range

Quick Data on the Selected Data Range

Do you ever find that you need a quick piece of information? You know, a sum, average or a minimum or maximum value on a range of MS Excel data.

What did you do?

Did you write a formula in a cell?

Well, if you want to keep the information in the worksheet, that’s an excellent plan. But what if all you need to know is one or two pieces of information and you don’t want them to stick around?

If that’s the case, you have to wonder if there’s any way to quickly see the information in Excel, without all the hassle of formulas.

It’s a good thought and I’m happy to report there’s a quick and easy way to accomplish just that!

The information you seek is all on the Status Bar.

Yep, you may have never noticed it before, but there’s useful information about a selected data range just sitting there waiting for you.

Let’s take a look!

As always, you have to go through a couple different sets of directions, depending on the version of Excel you’re using.

We’ll start with the older versions of Excel.

With the data highlighted, you’ll find the information in the bottom right hand corner of the Status Bar.

Right now, it shows a sum, but you have a few other choices as well. Right click on the Status Bar and you’ll see that there are several different functions to choose from.

Unfortunately, you can only display one at a time, but it’s still faster than a formula and whichever one is currently chosen will automatically be displayed all the time.

Now, for those of you using Excel 2007, things are pretty much the same, but with a few “perks!”

The highlighted range data is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the Status Bar, just like the other versions.

However, you may notice that you’re seeing more than one piece of information about the highlighted data. That’s definitely what I’d consider an improvement over the older versions!

In addition, you can still right click on the Status Bar and add even more data.

Again, the added advantage is Excel 2007 will display all of them at once, should you choose it to be that way.

I’d say that’s a lot of information for very little hassle. Just the way I like it!

~ April