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Quick MS Outlook Contact look-up

Need to find a contact’s information in MS Outlook now, now, now?!?

Or maybe you just don’t feel like the effort and time it takes to switch to your contacts, choose someone then open up their information to find what you need…

Either way, a time crunch or just looking for an easier way to access the information, I’ve got what you need to make your day just a tiny bit easier.

We start with our Outlook toolbar. You’re looking for the field next to the address book button.


The picture above comes from Outlook 2007 while older Outlook versions look the same they may have different wording such as “Type a contact to find”.

No matter the version, click into the field and begin to enter the name of a contact. (You don’t need an entire name, just enough to help Outlook narrow the list it returns so that it’s useful to you.)

When you’ve entered a few characters from the name you need hit the Enter key.

The Choose Contact dialog box will open where you’ll find a list of only those contacts that meet the requirements of your entry.


Choose the correct one from the list. (You can either double-click it or select it and click OK.)

Voila! The contact opens and you’ve got your information in a flash.