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Quick Sheet Selection in MS Excel

Quick Sheet Selection in MS Excel

Do you have a big Excel file?

One that contains lots of worksheets?

Are you irritated with the constant scrolling back and forth to move between the sheets?

Or, maybe you like to use the Ctrl + Page Up / Down option. That works well, but it gets old after awhile. Finally, maybe you just prefer to use your mouse. So, now what?

Want a quick way to get from any sheet to any other sheet with just two clicks?

Yes? Good!

Take a look to the left of the horizontal scroll bar.

Do you see the scroll arrows that you can use to change the sheet tabs that appear?

Yep, that’s them!

Well, right click over them.

A list of sheet names in the workbook will pop open and you can select exactly where you want to go.

Click once, click twice and you’re there!

~ April