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Quick Table Splits in MS Word

You’re working in MS Word and you’ve got a beautiful table. I mean, it’s perfect!

Well, almost perfect.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, you’ve just come to the conclusion that it really should be two different tables.

Now what?

Are you having copy/paste nightmares?

Or, worse yet, you’re picturing a situation where you’ve got to create a whole new table and re-enter all that data!

Well, worry no more.

I’ve got a simple, three key solution you’re just going to love!

If your table is currently empty, you’re ready to make the split.

If not, you’ll first have to split the data into two halves. That is, all the data for one table on top and all the data for the other on the bottom.

Now, that may take some work. It all depends on your new thoughts for organizing your tables and how it was set up previously.

If you’re really lucky, you may not have to rearrange anything or maybe you’ll just need to complete a data sort.

Whatever your situation, when you’re ready to physically split your table, place your cursor in the row that should be the first row of the new table.

Now, use Ctrl + Shift + Enter.


One table now equals two!

You can choose to separate the tables with blank space, text or cut/paste the new table to a new location. Basically, whatever fits your current needs.

To reverse the split, simply delete the spaces between the two tables.

Can it really be that easy?

Yep, you bet!

~ April