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Quick Tables Designed by You!


Quick Tables Designed by You!

So, if you investigated the tip we ran the other day on Word 2007’s Quick Tables then you may have been left with a bit of disappointment if you didn’t see a built-in table that would suit your needs.

In that case you may have thought “Good idea, too bad it doesn’t help me.”

Before you dismiss the idea altogether let’s take a look at an additional feature of Quick Tables.

I don’t know if you noticed but below the built-in table choices there was the grayed out choice to Save Selection to Quick Tables Gallery.


See it now?

It’s through that particular choice that we will be able to make the Quick Tables feature useful to anyone who uses tables in Word 2007.


Good – then let’s get started.

Obviously, if we’re going to save to a gallery then we have to select something to save.

You can either create something new or choose a previously created table in a file.

Once you’ve got a table in the format you’d want to use again you need to select the table.

The most efficient way is to click the either the Move handle


Or the Resize handle…


…that appears when you move the mouse pointer over the table.

With the entire table selected, go to the Insert tab of the Ribbon, Table button, Quick Tables, Save Selection to Quick Tables Gallery choice. (The choice will be accessible now that you have a table selected.)

The Create New Building Block dialog window will open, already set to save as a table.


All you really need to do is to name it and click OK.


Now you’ll find your customized table below the built-in portion of the Quick Table list under the heading of General.


That’s what I call a feature for everyone!

~ April