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Quick Tips – Most Asked Questions

There are two questions that I keep seeing over and over from our readers this month. We published solutions to both of these issues recently, but you might have missed them. So, I’m going to point them out to you again.

Gerald from Arlington, Virgina can’t create new folders when he right-clicks on the desktop. We answered a similar question last month. Check out “Why Is The New Folder Option Missing” at this link. [1]

Changing the Registry Value

Reuben from California wants to know if spell check is available in Outlook.com.  C.E. from Mobile had a similar question earlier this month. Click this link to read “No Spell Check In Outlook.com.” [2]

If you have questions about anything tech or computer related – make sure to ask us. Our team of writers is standing by. Just click here. [3]

~ Cynthia