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Quick View Changes In MS Word

Quick View Changes In MS Word

It seems that everyone has a preference for the way they view their MS Word documents.

Some people prefer the Normal View, some prefer the Page/Print Layout View.

Whatever your preference, it’s always a good thing to know how to get to a different view. Sometimes you’re trying to accomplish a task that lends itself to a view different from your usual way of seeing things.

I’d bet that most of us know that you can change views using the View menu.

In fact, your choices are the first items on the menu. Can’t miss ’em.

But, what if we could change views with a quicker click?

You may not have realized it but there are buttons for your view choices right on the screen the whole time you’re working.

Take a look at the horizontal scroll bar across the bottom of your document.

Follow it all the way to the left.

See them?

On the very left you’ve got 4 buttons — the view buttons.


You can just do a “quick click” to switch from one view to another—no menu required.