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Quick vs. Post

I was wondering what the difference was between a quick reply and a post reply on your message board. Does it matter which one I use?

This a really good question and I bet several of our other message board users have wondered the same thing. For those of you who don’t know, when you post a question on WorldStart’s message board, the person who responds to you has the choice of clicking on “Post Reply” or “Quick Reply.” Then if you want to answer back to them as well, you have the same choices. (Yeah, we’re pretty fair here at WorldStart. We give everyone the same options!)

So, let’s go over what the differences are so you’ll know exactly which one to use next time you use the message board. Let’s start with Post Reply. This choice basically gives you more options for your reply. You can change the font style, the font size and even the color of your text. You can also add a bold, italic or underline style to your words if you want. With Post Reply, you can add bullets for any listing you want to do, you can add hyperlinks, e-mail links and you can even play around with text wrapping, etc.

There are also emoticons (smileys) you can use in your message. If you say something funny, you can insert a happy face or if you’re frustrated with something, use the question mark face. You can also choose an icon for the type of message you’re sending. There’s smiley faces, there’s a thumbs up, a thumbs down, arrows, etc. Or you can use no icon at all. Once you’re done, you can also preview your post before you submit it by clicking on the Preview Post button located below your typed message.

If you scroll down even further, there are some advanced options you can browse through. Here you can add attachments to your message and do some other things with the threads. So, as you can see, there’s quite a lot you can do with the Post Reply option. Now, what can you do with the Quick Reply feature?

With Quick Reply, you just basically type in your message and then send it off. You can choose to bold, italicize or underline your text, but you can’t change font sizes or anything like that. You can also choose to quote the original message in your reply with this option if you’d like to do that. Other than that, you just type in what you have to say and click on the Post Quick Reply button.

That’s basically it. There are quite a few differences between the two, but now you know them and you can choose which one bests suits your message board needs! Use a little of both or stick with one way all the time. It’s completely up to you!

~ Erin