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Quick Worksheet Relocation

Quick Worksheet Relocations

What do you do when you need to move an Excel worksheet into its own workbook?

I’d bet that for many people it’s a matter of copying the worksheet, pasting it into a new workbook and then going back to delete the sheet.

Not necessarily a bad way, but probably not very efficient either.

Want a drop and drag way to move that worksheet into its own workbook?

Of course!

(Who doesn’t want efficient ways to get the job done?)

Here’s the scoop on quick worksheet relocations.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to open the file containing the worksheet.

If your workbook is maximized you’ll need to restore the workbook window size so that you can see around the edges of your workbook window.


Now simply click on, hold and drag a sheet tab to a blank part of the Excel program window.

Instantly a new workbook opens that contains the worksheet which, by the way, is now gone from the first workbook.

I also found I could use the Shift or Ctrl keys to highlight several worksheets and move them all using the exact same method.