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QuickDrag for Firefox

QuickDrag is a handy little Firefox extension that enhances drag and drop functionality by enabling quick web searches for selected text, opening text link URLs, and offering shortcuts to saving or opening web images.

Quick Search for Selected Text

Drag selected text to open a new search tab for information related to the content of that text.

pierce_quickdrag_3 [1]

Above, the words, keyboard shortcut are selected and dragged. Below, the search results are displayed.

pierce_quickdrag_4 [2]

Hold the Ctrl key while dragging text, and the text is copied to the clipboard. The copied text can then be pasted (Ctrl+V) into the search field (Ctrl+F).

Open Text Link URLs

The drag and drop feature for URLs will open a text link (a URL that isn’t an active link) in a new tab, but I found this feature to be more of a novelty than a useful browser attribute, since most URLs are clickable links, rather than text links.

pierce_quickdrag_5 [3]

Mimicking Firefox’s ability to save links to the computer with the keyboard shortcut, Alt+Click, QuickDrag allows URLs to be saved by holding the Alt key while dragging text links.

Save or Open Images

Click and drag an image to save it to the computer.

pierce_quickdrag_1 [4]

pierce_quickdrag_2 [5]

Hold the Ctrl key while dragging, and the image will instead open in a new tab.

Modifications can be made to the settings in the Add-ons Manager. To access this, click the Add-ons link in the Tools menu.

pierce_quickdrag_6 [6]

Under the Extensions tab, click the Options button to bring up QuickDrag Settings.

pierce_quickdrag_7 [7]

Whether you choose to open tabs in the foreground, or maintain the default setting of opening them in the background, either can be temporarily reversed by holding the Shift key while dragging text.

QuickDrag can be installed here [8]. Have fun…I did.