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Quicker File Access

When most of us go to open a file, we click the File menu, Open (OK, some of us use the little toolbar button), then we scroll along hunting for the file so we can double-click it.

Well, if you have a ton of documents in a folder, this can get time consuming. If you know the exact name of the file, you can simply type it in the little dialog box and hit Enter .

For example, if you’re looking for a file named ” my file.jpg ” you would type in:


Then hit Enter.

What if you don’t know the exact name of the file? Don’t worry. I have a shortcut for that too. Click inside the little dialog box (specifically, the area where the file list is) and start typing the first letter or two of the file. The dialog box should highlight the first file that starts with those letters. Sometimes the file will appear in the drop down menu, too, where you can just click on it to open!

Here’s a snap shot. In this example, I quickly typed ” my- ” and it went to the “my-file” file automatically.


Cool huh?

~ Steve