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QuickFolders Toolbar for Thunderbird

Ron from Australia asks:

In the email program, Mozilla Thunderbird, how can I put a shortcut icon to the Inbox on the Mail Toolbar?

Ron, I found nothing native to Thunderbird that would do what you asked. However an add-on is available called Quick Folders that offers that option, and it worked so well for this demonstration, I plan to continue using it. Download Quick Folders here [1] and click on the green Download Now button. Setup instructions appear, along with the download (see below). You’ll need to be able to find the installation application later, so it’s a good idea to save it to a place that’s easy to remember.

I always save applications to a folder that I cleverly call Applications.

Open Thunderbird and, in the Tools menu, click Add-ons.

In the Add-ons dialog box, click the Install button and in Select an extension to install, open the application. This is where knowing the location of the file will come in handy.

When the installation is complete, Thunderbird will have to be restarted to activate the option. Once that’s done, simply drag a folder to the toolbar and it becomes a tab.

Right click on the toolbar, or on one of your new tabs, to reveal menu choices, such as colors for each tab. I recommend clicking the QuickFolders Help button. There, you’ll find a few quick tips, and a link to more online tips.

Thanks for the question, Ron.

For anyone interested in trying the Thunderbird email client, click here [2] for the download.