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Quickly Display That Info

Quickly Display That Info

Do you have MS PowerPoint set up to put the date, time, slide number or footer information on your presentation slides?

I’m sure you know how to access them through the Insert menu, but how about a quick key combination to get you to the same place?

Yes? I thought so.

Well, here it is: Alt + Shift + P. With that, the Header and Footer window will instantly open, ready for you to make your changes.

At the top, decide if the date and time should be included. Don’t forget to choose between updating the information or having fixed information for what you enter (such as a revision date).

Then, below that, be sure to check the appropriate box if you want the slide number displayed and if you have footer information, don’t forget to enter it into the footer field.

Also, don’t forget to check the very bottom option if you don’t want the data displayed on the title slide.

Now, it’s time to tell PowerPoint where to apply this information.

Click Apply All if you want it on all the slides or Apply if you only want the data displayed on the current slide.

There you have it. A quick and easy display of slide data for one or all your slides!

~ April