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QuickTime Alternative

Can you give me any information on a download called QuickTime Alternative? I’ve seen it mentioned in various places, but I’m not too sure what it is or if it’s safe to use. Please explain!

Sure, no problem! I’ve seen this mentioned on our message board a few times as well and I’ve actually been meaning to check it out for myself, so this is perfect timing. QuickTime Alternative seems to be an up and coming program and as far as I see it, there’s no need to delay a tip on this any longer. So, if you’re interested in what this program is all about, continue on!

Basically, QuickTime Alternative is exactly what it says. It is an alternative program you can put on your computer without having to download the real QuickTime program. (In case you’re not sure, you can read here for some basic information on QuickTime). So, what’s so great about that? Well, QuickTime is a pretty hefty program and it takes up a lot of space on your computer. On the other hand though, QuickTime Alternative is much smaller, leaving you plenty of room for other programs, etc.

And, as if that wasn’t great enough, with QuickTime Alternative, you can still enjoy all the features of the regular QuickTime program, which includes playing any QuickTime files (.mov, .qt, .3gp and various other extensions) and any QuickTime material that happens to be embedded on Web pages. Here are a few other advantages of QuickTime Alternative that you may be interested in knowing as well:

Now, you will still need a media player to use along with QuickTime Alternative, but for your convenience, it comes along with one. It’s called Media Player Classic and it works very well with the substitute program. With the Media Player Classic, you can even play QuickTime movies that may be included on some Web sites. Also, QuickTime Alternative is compatible with Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape and Mozilla. How cool is that?!

Along with the media player, the QuickTime Alternative download includes QuickTime codecs, a QuickTime DirectShow filter, a QuickTime plug-in for Internet Explorer and QuickTime plug-ins for Opera, Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape. If you didn’t notice, that is so much stuff!

So, if you’re interested in getting this program for yourself, there are two versions of it. All that I explained above comes with the QuickTime Alternative 1.81 version. The other is called QuickTime Alternative Lite 1.81 and it comes with everything I mentioned except the Media Player Classic. Both versions are free though, so you might as well go for it all! Your choice though.

If you want to download either version, you can do so from this Web site. Just click on the link at the top of the page that says “Download QuickTime Alternative” and then you can choose the version you want. You can read a little more about the program from the above link as well, just in case you’re not completely sure if you want it yet or not. Either way, this is a pretty good alternative to QuickTime, with all the same support. So, if you’re looking for a smaller sized QuickTime, be sure to check this one out.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I already do!

~ Erin