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Quote Investigator

Have you ever run across a quote on the internet that you’re familiar with, but the person it is attributed to seems off? This happens all the time on the internet. But how do you fact check a quotation?

Well, you can do very specific searches and then limit the results with filters, or you can head on over to Quote Investigator and see if it is among the quotations already investigated on the site. If it isn’t, you can check out the Resources page for tips on places you can look to find out for yourself who the quote should be attributed to. 

The site is easy to use because it is set up blog style. Just scroll down the page and browse through the latest entries.

You can also browse the Archives by selecting a month from the drop down box. Beneath that there is a list of people that you can also choose to browse by as well. Just select a person from the list and you’ll see the quote thought to be said by them followed by the investigation. 

What I love about this site is that not only does it solve the mystery of who said something, but it also provides citations for where the information is coming from. This way, you know that the research has been done and you don’t just have to take the Quote Investigator’s word for the way you do with a lot of quotation sites. 

http://quoteinvestigator.com/ [1]