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My roommate loves the sound of rain, and so I occasionally prowl the internet looking for new sites offering a rain experience. She just had nasal surgery and so I wanted to provide her with a new relaxing rain experience to help her recover faster.  I found this awesome free site which also has an app for your favorite device (the app isn’t free though, it runs $1.99). 

What I really loved about this site is that you can create a custom mix of rain sounds to make your perfect mix of rain to listen to.  On the right side of the page you’ll find a control panel that allows you to customize the rain to your liking.  If you have any questions about anything on the control panel, just mouse over the ? next to each item on the far right and it will explain the controls to you. 

The default is rain only, but you can add rolling thunder, or cracking thunder to the mix by clicking the clouds next to the slider bars. You can also control how loud each part of the mix is to get the right volume blend by using the sliders.

Change the background image by clicking on the picture. This also turns on the slideshow so if you want it to stay still on one image, you’ll need to click it off again by clicking the picture when it is on that image. 

You can set a break timer and a fade out timer by editing the time fields in the text boxes and then clicking the coffee mug or moon. 

All set and don’t want to see the panels anymore? Well then just click Hide Panels at the bottom right of the screen and get ready to enjoy your listening experience. 

My favorite way to listen right now is to turn on the rain and rolling thunder, and then adjust the slider volume so that it sounds like a storm rolling in from the distance. It’s so relaxing. 

What will be your favorite way to listen? Go check it out and find out!

http://raining.fm/ [1]