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Random Text in PowerPoint

Yep – it does!

If you’re looking to use just any text to try out a slide layout or content placement don’t go through the hassle of a copy and paste from some other source.

And… definitely don’t try the old random key trick (dkladf kfadslj fddl)… we all know that it’s a pain and really doesn’t form text that actually mimics word patterns such as word lengths and patterns.

So, with all that in mind it might be good for you to know that the old

=rand(#, #)

trick at the beginning of a line will work in a PowerPoint text box just like it does in Word.

Newer versions of Word will insert text that’s instructional but PowerPoint still uses the old standby: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” (If you’re interested in taking a look at the random text specifics for old and new versions of Word then click here.)

If you need some text to take a PowerPoint slide for a trial run then why not put the “quick brown fox” and the “lazy dog” to work for you?