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Raspberry Pi

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Yet Raspberry Pi isn’t an after-dinner treat, it’s actually a credit card-sized, Linux-based computer that plugs straight into your TV and is capable of just about anything a regular PC can do. Word processing, spreadsheets, light gaming and even HD video are all possible, and because it’s open-source, anyone with programming knowledge (and an ever-growing Wiki [1]) can make great things happen!

There are two different models – Model A and Model B. Model A features 256mb of RAM, one USB port and no Ethernet connection, while model B features double the RAM, and extra USB and an Ethernet port. Not that it’ll be hard to decide, though – model A is a paltry $25, and B is $35.

And the best part? The company labels themselves as a charity whose vision is to bring Raspberry Pi’s to kids all over the world to teach them programming skills!

Learn more at Raspberrypi.org [2]