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Rat Race Rebellion

If you’ve ever searched for a job that you can work at from home, then you know that there are a ton of scams out there. Whether it is people who want you to pay them to register or charge you a membership fee, or opportunities that don’t pan out after you’ve sent them an inquiry, but Rat Race Rebellion wants to change that by offering you approved lead for jobs that you can do from home.

I would suggest that you start your visit by checking out the FAQ page. It explains how the site works, what you are looking at when you view their leads, and even find links to help you put together a better a resume to catch the eye of employers who are hiring employees that work from home.

After that why don’t you check out the Today’s Screened Job Leads under Start Here. That will take you to the freshest job listings. Then you just click on the listing that you feel you qualify for to get more information.

Beneath that on the main page you’ll find the Jobs categories. There you can find information based on the job you want to do. I really like the way this is setup. If you click into the categories you’ll find listings of places where you can do that sort of work and a link to Today’s Leads for that category. I clicked into the Crafting  & Handiwork and was very impressed that not only did they list the place you could sell your goods online, but they also listed what sort of fees you’d incur to do so at each place they reviewed.

This is a great job resource! Check it out today!

http://www.ratracerebellion.com/ [1]