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Re-enable Sleep in Windows Vista and 7

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of sleep mode in Windows; especially when it comes to my laptop. I just set it sleep when I close the lid and wake up when I open it. So when I re-installed Windows 7 the other day and the sleep option was grayed out, naturally I became upset.

The reason for this is because Windows Media Center disables the sleep option when it thinks files on your computer are being shared (even if they’re not!).

So let’s turn it off and allow your computer to catch some z’s!

This tip applies to Windows Vista and 7 users.

Click Start and type in “Power Options” minus the quotes in the Search Box and hit Enter. The power configuration window should open.

Now click “Change when the computer sleeps” and in the next window click “Change advanced power settings”.

Now scroll down to the Multimedia settings header and expand “When sharing media”. Use the drop-down menu and select “Allow the computer to sleep”.


The option to sleep under the shut-down menu should now be available to you again.