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Re-send A Message

Help! I use Outlook Express and there are times I have stuff sitting in my outbox that I decide to add to or modify. However, the other day I did this and accidentally hit the Delete button. So, I went into my Deleted Items folder and tried dragging the message back to the Outbox. It didn’t work and I had to re-do the whole message. I know it’s a minor problem, but is there any way around it?


I’ve done that a few times myself. All you need to do is double-click the message in your Deleted Items folder. When it opens up, you’ll find you can just click the Send button.

Unfortunately, this only works if the message you deleted was an outgoing mail message. So, if you were hoping for some kind of a re-send option, I don’t have it. Outlook can do it, but not Express.

That said, if anyone knows a really easy way to force Outlook Express (not Outlook) to re-send a message, I’d love to hear it. Just reply to this newsletter if you know a way.

~ Steve