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Read Easily

I believe that literacy is a gift that belongs to everyone. And until I discovered this website it never once crossed my mind that there are people who have difficulty reading online. This site provides free online e-books that have been properly formatted to help people who are sight impaired (people with dyslexia, color-blindness, low vision, or complete blindness) enjoy books.

On the main page you’ll find all the about the site information you could wish for, and even see some of the research that went into helping design this site. You’ll find navigation along the top of the page, with the following categories:  Set Display, Virtual Bookmarks, Books by Author, Books by Subject, Books by Title, with a search field beneath so you can search the site.

In order to use the Virtual Bookmarks, you’ll need to register for the site. All you have to do is click Virtual Bookmarks and then fill out the new user form. It consists of creating a username and password, and clicking the Sign On button. Then you can save your place in the book you are reading and come back to it anytime.

Set Display is the option that lets you customize the text of the books for easy reading. Just click on the word that is the easiest for you to read and it will transform the page using that preference.

I think that it is marvelous that someone put for the time and effort to create a free online library like this to help people who have various sorts of vision impairment. Check it out today!

http://www.readeasily.com/ [1]

~ Amanda