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RealPlayer Basics Pt. 2

Posted By On January 13, 2010 @ 10:48 AM In Multimedia | No Comments

Last time, we discussed how to use the functions listed under the first two tabs in RealPlayer: “File” and “View.” Let’s learn more about what else RealPlayer has to offer its users!

An additional feature that’s both neat and entertaining under the “View” option is the “Choose Visualization” button. By clicking on this, you can select a computerized image that will play in the screen’s background as you listen to music or a recording as opposed to looking at just the black screen!


Under the “Play” tab, the first few options are basic controls for operating any videos you are viewing. These consist of: Play, Stop, Previous Clip, Next Clip, Seek To, and Volume. You can control what video you are watching, skip between clips, and control the sound of the video by managing these buttons. The next two options are to either play or eject the CD or DVD that is in your computer’s disc drive.


The final two options under “Play” are Shuffle Play and Continuous Play, which are applicable when listening to or viewing playlists. “Shuffle” means that the order of songs or videos in your playlist are played randomly, and “continuous” means that it is played without stops in between. You may enable these options simply by clicking on them, and you will see a checkmark next to it once the option has been turned on.


The next tab is the “Favorites” tab. Under this tab, you can add clips to your favorites, add a webpage to your favorites, and manage your favorites. The first option allows you to add the current clip you are viewing to your Favorites list. If you are watching or listening to a clip from a webpage, you may add this to your favorites as well. The third option opens the folders under your computer settings, and it allows you to organize all of your files and favorites. The following four tabs are Audio, Radio, Video, and WebPages—these are the folders under which you can categorize your favorites.


Under “Tools,” the first option is the Equalizer. This allows you to control the bass, mid, and treble settings for your sound. They should all be set at “zero,” which is balanced. The second option, Crossfade, is only available if you have a membership with RealPlayer. The Video Controls are also somewhat limited with free membership. You can also Check for Update(s) or Add a New Device, which takes you to a link to purchase online. Under the CD option, you can get info on the CD playing, save tracks, or use the CD burner! Enjoy!



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